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In the dynamic landscape of Indian e-commerce marketplace marketplaces, Retail Sarthi stands as your trusted partner, empowering businesses to harness the immense potential of online retailing. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of e-commerce marketplace sellers, ensuring a seamless journey from onboarding to successful online marketplace operations.

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Process of Onboarding

Step 1: Registration

At this stage, we register your business on an online marketplace and list your products on it.

Step 2: Approval

At this stage, your products are approved for your target audience to buy them conveniently

Step 3: Live

At this stage, your products are live on the marketplaces and ready to be sold.

Who we are?

Retail Sarthi is your dedicated destination in the e-commerce marketplaces marketplace domain. With a deep understanding of the Indian market and years of expertise in online retailing, we specialize in providing end-to-end services that streamline every aspect of your online business and marketplace needs.

Services we offer

Best e-commerce marketplace Product Listing Service

Onboarding Assistance

Seamlessly transition into the e-commerce marketplace sphere with expert guidance and support.

Marketplace Advisory

Gain valuable insights and strategic guidance to optimize your presence across various online marketplaces.

Full Management

Let us handle the complexity of your online business, from daily operations to order processing and fulfillment.

Inventory Management

Stay in control of your inventory with our efficient tracking and management solutions.

Order and Shipment Processing

Ensure timely and accurate processing of orders and shipments, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Return Management

Effectively manage returns and exchanges, maintaining a positive customer experience.

Product & Model Shoot

Whether you're launching a new product line, refreshing your website, or enhancing your marketing materials, we're here to help you make a lasting impression.

Payment Reconciliation

Streamline your financial processes with automated payment reconciliation services.

Ready To Grow Your Bussiness

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Why Retail Sarthi

"Retail Sarthi" is chosen as the company name because it encapsulates the essence of what the business offers - guidance and support in the domain of retail. "Sarthi" is a Hindi word meaning "companion" or "guide," which reflects the company's commitment to being a reliable partner for businesses navigating the e-commerce marketplace landscape.

By combining "Retail" with "Sarthi," the name communicates the company's focus on retail operations and its role as a trusted advisor for businesses venturing into the online marketplace.

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